The Body Therapy Center

CLICK HERE to read the Orlando City's Magazine article on Chromotherapy: Healing Hues.  The BTC is mentioned in the article.
Working Naturally to Help the Body Heal

Body Therapy Center's mission is to
provide each client with the most effective therapeutic methods
to relieve pain and allow the body to achieve maximum wellness


Monthly Tip: 

"To love yourself is to love and thank all of existence..."

  Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages of Water


The Body Therapy Center offers the following services:


Tai Chi

Trinity Table



Pain Management

Plus many other Services

       QiGong    Tai Chi    Reiki        Hypnotherapy     CranioSacralTM 

          Health & Energy
                Reflexology            Colorpuncture

   Cranial Release Technique®        Aromatherapy Treatments

                                    Access Consciousness Bars

Body Therapy Center
25 Florida Park Dr. Suite B
Palm Coast, FL. 32137