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Meet our therapists

Mary Lynn Wieber Acupuncture Physician


Linda G. Hellman, BS in Natural Health, LMT (MA46699/MM18806)

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, yet powerful bodywork technique to elicit the relaxation response of the autonomic nervous system. It offers relief for a variety of stress related symptoms and conditions like headaches and migraines, TMJ syndrome, neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, and more. CST also supports and strengthens the immune system, enhances lymphatic flow and blood circulation, increases energy and improves physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

CST is well researched and documented by the Upledger Institute for its multiple applications and positive results in thousands of cases. For more data please visit www.upledger.com.

To schedule an appointment please call 386.237.4086

Carolyn Randolph, LMT, CECP [MA34968 / MM12805]

Phone or text:  386 . 931 . 2212

An integrative massage therapist for 18 years, Carolyn utilizes a light tough that gives all the benefits of deep tissue massage but in a very gentle way..  Essential oils may be added to the massage or 'Raindrop' treatments are available.  Additional methods such as Quantum Touch, CRT (Cranial Release Technique, Medical Massage, PNT (Pain Neutralization Technique), and Light Connections therapies are included, as needed.  She is also certified in The Emotion Code and Body Code (see Energy section).


Patti Dodge

I use natural healing modalities such as, Crania Sacral therapy, Esoteric healing, EFT, and The Trinity Table.  I also do Reiki treatments and training for all levels,

I have meditation class weekly, Friday at !:00.

I also can officiate weddings.

Lee Willman, EnerQi Solutions

Lee Willman has been studying Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation for more than 10 years.  Lee is fortunate to have studied with great teachers and has received numerous Tai Chi and Qigong certifications.  Master Lisa O’Shea of The Rochester Qigong Institute, encouraged Lee to open her own practice following the successful completion of  Qigong Healing  training.  Lee established EnerQi Solutions with a focus on Medical Qigong and Energy work. She offers group classes in Qigong, meditation and works with individuals to build new lifestyle habits that support and develop overall health and wellness.

Lee continues to study Qigong, Qigong Therapy, Energy Work and associated healing modalities and she is a professional level member of the National Qigong Association.

Lee is adding workshops to her repertoire this year in conjunction with co-founder Sarah Lantier, Women of The Wisdom Years (WOWY) has been launched to help women over 50 evolve, grow and navigate their lives with awareness, grace and joy.

enerqisolutions@yahoo.com / 252-646-3339

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